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The UOC's position on artificial intelligence

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Since its founding, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) has relied on technology to fulfil its mission as a leader in lifelong learning.

Education is a truly human process, focused on personal and collective development to contribute to the progress of society. The integration of technology in teaching and learning processes facilitates this process, and lets us push its boundaries further. However, as a university we must have a critical perspective on technology and evaluate its consequences for culture, the economy, health and society's well-being.

The UOC understands the value and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, but it also understands the risks involved if it is not used ethically, critically and responsibly. We are committed to generative AI that adds value to teaching and learning processes, and that is traceable, auditable, inclusive and with control systems, thereby ensuring universal access and the absence of biases, in order to contribute to a fairer, more equitable and more critical society.

For all these reasons, we declare that:

1.    At the UOC, our mission is to provide education for people who are recognized, skilled and empowered as citizens of the society of today and of the future, and who are committed to and responsible for their own lifelong learning process. [Citizens of the society of the future]

2.    We will prepare our students to make appropriate and informed use of the new AI tools that are beginning to be applied in the education and professional sectors. [AI literacy]

3.    Our students must be competent, informed and critical about the uses, risks, legislation, ethical aspects and possibilities of artificial intelligence. [Competent and critical]

4.    We will introduce AI-based tools and methodologies wherever they can add value, while ensuring the competencies of the discipline concerned are attained. [AI in teaching and learning]

5.    We will take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that AI offers and will offer in the future for the purposes of personalization and support for students, without underestimating the risks involved (bias, discrimination, misinformation, lack of privacy, etc.). [Awareness of the risks]

6.    We will define clear rules regarding the use of AI in the learning process to ensure academic rigour, and establish mechanisms to ensure that competencies are attained, while fostering our students' commitment to academic integrity. [Academic rigour]

7.    We will enhance the knowledge and expertise of our teaching staff, and their central role and their assurance of quality in the learning process. Their work will take advantage of the potential of AI in the most appropriate way for opening up new horizons in education. [Teaching expertise]

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