Faculty of Economics and Business - 25 years

25 years

An innovative, world-leading project

The UOC opened its doors in 1995, becoming the world's first online university, leveraging an internet that was only just beginning to show its enormous potential. A new kind of university that used information and communication technologies to develop an innovative, world-leading project.

The Faculty's leadership began planning the content, methodology, audiovisual media and teaching approach, with the aim of putting students at the heart of the action.


The history of the Faculty of Economics and Business is one of an enthusiastic, creative and motivated team that regarded it as a living entity that was rapidly evolving and that called for real-time transformation to shape it into a useful, innovative tool.

25 anys Estudis Economia i Empresa UOC

September 1995

The Faculty of Economics and Business (then Business Sciences) comes online:


  • With 100 students enrolled
  • 4 tutors
  • 12 course instructors


UOC: l'experincia d'estudiar online


The 1999/2000 academic year, just five years later, saw the start of one of the core strategic lines of the UOC's mission: research. The creation of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) consolidated postgraduate studies and research projects, making the UOC a global university looking to the future.
Research is now spearheading the activities of the Faculty of Economics and Business; it's a key element in attracting talent and creating knowledge. Transforming to adapt to the needs of a changing world.

European quality standards

One great challenge was to adapt to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) during the 2009/2010 academic year, a move that entailed the disappearance of university education as it had previously existed, giving way to the official bachelor's degree programmes (in the fields of Business Administration and Management, Economics, Marketing and Market Research, Labour Relations and Employment, and Tourism) and master's degrees and other postgraduate programmes, which now provide specialized training in different areas that are of great value to organizations and in the tourism sector.

With the mission of putting the focus on skills, the Faculty of Economics and Business provides top-quality lifelong skills training via its Executive Education programmes, offering the tools needed to boost or pivot the careers of professionals with experience in the management and administration of businesses and organizations.


25 anys Estudis Economia i Empresa UOC

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