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25 anys UOC

Summary of the key milestones from the first 25 years of our university

The first #UOC25years
Take a look back at milestones in the UOC's history and the evolution of technology over the last 25 years.

25 years. 3 eras

Gabriel Ferrat UOC  

Gabriel Ferrat
Founding president (1995-2005)

Interview when he was awarded the UOC medal of honour in (2017).


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Imma Tubella UOC  

Imma Tubella
President of the UOC (2005-2013)

Video report recapping Imma Tubella's term as president (2012).

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Josep A. Planell UOC  

Josep A. Planell
President of the UOC (2013-present)

Message to commemorate 25 years of the UOC (2020).

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In pictures

25 years UOC

What if we told you we've been winning the race against time for the last 25 years?

25 anys UOC

Isaac Asimov had already envisioned back in 1988 the impact technology would have on education

25 years UOC

Democratizing knowledge and guaranteeing people's access to high quality online education

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