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UOC takes part in research by the London School of Economics on the impact of COVID-19 on universities

  Photo: Nathan Dumlao de Unplash

Photo: Nathan Dumlao de Unplash

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) is taking part in the dissemination of a survey led by the London School of Economics and Political Science, titled "The LockedDown", which intends to explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people's health and well-being and on the university community in particular. Based on a five-minute survey currently available in 17 languages, the research aims to paint a global picture of the effects of the health emergency on academia.

The aspects analysed include the consequences on education of the lockdown measures put in place by different countries. According to Eva Rimbau from the UOC's Faculty of Economics and Business, the analysis will be conducted specifically on education and course assessment, job searching and professional opportunities, and health and well-being.

The information will serve to find out in what way the measures to combat the health crisis have affected the university community worldwide and the effects that all the types of actions put in place internationally have had in different cultural, social and economic circumstances.

The survey is seeking participation regardless of participants' unique lockdown experiences. Whether it has meant self-isolating, continuing to work or stepping away from studies, the instigators of the project believe that no situation should be left unseen or dismissed. The initiative seeks to help people share their experience globally.

The creators of the survey believe that the experience of COVID-19 should be used beyond the early prevention of possible contagions, which is the aspect on which governments are focusing the most. Accordingly, they also aim to create useful information for universities and governments. Gathering data should serve to prepare us for a possible second wave of contagions, or to aid us in devising a strategy to exit the current situation.


Dissemination of the survey

Eva Rimbau, member of the UOC's Faculty of Economics and Business, explained that the specific nature of the research, in that it is geared towards the university community, is what initially led the University to take part in this worldwide project. In terms of Spain, the project is being coordinated by the University of Deusto. The UOC's involvement will consist of disseminating the survey, encouraging the entire community to take part and sharing it with members of other university communities. Once the results of the study are in, the UOC will also take part in their dissemination and use.


Photograph of Eva Rimbau Gilabert

Eva Rimbau Gilabert

Expert in: Human resources, telecommuting, virtual teams, flexible work, leadership, evidence-based management, and e-learning.

Knowledge area: Human resources.

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