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UOC researchers run survey to determine role of universities during the pandemic

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The study, involving experts from a number of European institutions, will analyse how academic activities have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

"The healthcare crisis we've been through and continue to go through has had a significant impact on our universities," said Josep Cobars and Laura Calvet, members of the UOC's Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications. Cobars and Calvet form part of an international team of eighteen researchers from ten different countries led by France's IMT Atlantique institute of technology. The team has come together to analyse universities' ability to recover, and to examine their strong points and detect areas where they can improve.

"Help from the different groups affected, including university staff and students, is vital. By spending ten minutes to fill out the survey they provide us with valuable information that can help us understand how academic activities have been affected by the crisis," they said.


Strengthening universities

Calvet and Cobars explained that the answers would be used as part of an international study of the factors linked to the resilience of higher education institutions, their staff and students. The results will help further understand the phases of crisis preparation, management and recovery and help higher education institutions come out of this stronger and better prepared for future crises. The aim is also to contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.


Taking part in the survey

To take part in the study, simply click on the corresponding link. The deadline for taking part is 27 July.


- Students.

- Administrative, teaching or research staff.