Quality Committee


The Quality Committee, presided over by the Vice President for Teaching and Learning, promotes the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) and carries out its monitoring according to the roles established in its foundational document. Its mission is to review the IQAS at regular, planned intervals to assess the system's performance and foster measures to improve its sufficiency, effectiveness and alignment with the University's strategy.

The Quality Committee is a key resource for the quality system's governance. Its members are:

• Vice President for Teaching and Learning
• Planning and Quality Director
• Dean of Faculty
• Associate Dean of Teaching 
• Compliance Officer
• Programme Manager
• Representation of de Department of Technology
• Personnel Director
• Academic Services Director
• Academic and Career Guidance Services Director
• Professional working in the field of quality
• Student

The members of the Quality Committee meet twice a year and review aspects such as: 

• Status of the improvement actions and plans from previous reviews
• Internal or external changes that may affect the IQAS
• The IQAS' performance and effectiveness
• Degree of attainment of the established quality goals
• Process performance
• Level of incidents/complaints
• Results of the internal and/or external assessments and audits