Design of the degrees

The project for implementing an official degree programme adapted to the EHEA consists of four clearly differentiated stages, shown on the Internal Quality Assurance System Manual's process map.

The UOC has designed and rolled out these internal processes to assure the highest quality standards within the framework for the verification, monitoring, modification and accreditation of recognised university degrees.


Responsible bodies

The programme design process involves the following bodies, which must ensure the quality of the proposals from the start:

Body Responsibilities
Course Committee Creation of the proposal
Planning and Quality Office Specialist assessment of the quality of the proposals
Consistency Assurance
Executive Board Assessment and approval of the report to apply for the degree
Assurance of consistency between the UOC's courses



The UOC protocol used to design programmes adapted to the EHEA, defined in processes PO01 and PO02 of the Internal Quality Assurance System Manual, is summarized in the following chart:

Definition and design of the training offer