Quality Policy


The UOC's Quality Policy was approved on 6 April 2020. Aligned with the institution's mission, vision and values, it underlines the commitment of the organization's senior management to the design, implementation, review and improvement of the Internal Quality Assurance System, the tool that supports the UOC's strategy.

For any quality policy to be a success, the following basic principles must first be observed:


Guarantee compliance with current legislation regarding the official degree programmes.


Develop an educational proposal that is aligned with the University's own capabilities and strategy while pursuing external recognition.


Facilitate the programming and validation processes for new programmes in collaboration with the external stakeholders.



Provide appropriate tools and internal resources to guarantee accreditation of the official degree programmes.


Ensure that a culture of continuous improvement permeates the UOC, seeking sustained growth in the Internal Quality Assurance System's performance through ongoing review and fine-tuning of established processes.


See to it that all members of the organization's staff are aware of, understand and apply the Quality Policy.


Make this Quality Policy accessible to stakeholders and put in place the necessary mechanisms to inform them about the programmes' results.



Set quality management-linked goals, using this policy as the basis for defining them.