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Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Quality Policy

In accordance with its quality policy, which has always been present in its operations, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya decided to take part in the Audit programme fostered by the quality agencies to favour the development and implementation of an internal quality assurance system (SGIQ) for university education, which, being applicable to each faculty, enables the integration of all the activities that the UOC carries out or wishes to carry out to ensure the quality of its teaching, expanding the participation mechanisms of the different interest groups and creating review and continuous improvement mechanisms. The content of the manual presented is known and shared by all those involved in the University's internal quality assurance system and was approved by the UOC's Governing Council on 17 June 2009.

The general objectives around which the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya quality system is structured are to:

  • Meet education demand: Maintain an officially recognized and UOC-certified teaching offer adjusted to society's needs and expectations that is sufficiently flexible to respond to changes and at the same time sufficiently solid to meet our transfer of knowledge potential.
  • Enjoy recognized quality teaching: Obtain recognition for the quality of teaching given at the UOC through student, graduate and employer satisfaction and ensure that this quality is also accredited and recognized by third parties within a European official recognition perspective.

To provide itself with an organizational structure which oversees the changes required to review and redesign both quality policies and strategies, the University has created the Quality Office.