Quality Policy


The UOC's Quality Policy was approved on 6 April 2020. Aligned with the institution's mission, vision and values, it underlines the commitment of the organization's senior management to the design, implementation, review and improvement of the Internal Quality Assurance System, the tool that supports the UOC's strategy.

For any quality policy to be a success, the following basic principles must first be observed:


Guarantee compliance with current legislation regarding the official degree programmes.


Offer learning programmes that are aligned with the University's internal capabilities and strategy, and enable it to respond to society's needs and expectations.


Set objectives linked to quality management and use this Policy as the basis for defining them



Ensure that all members of the organization's staff are aware of, understand and apply the Quality Policy


Make this Quality Policy accessible to stakeholders and put in place the necessary accountability mechanisms.


Promote a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of the UOC, seeking sustained improvement in the performance of the IQAS and the satisfaction of all stakeholders through the participation of individuals and teams and the review and refinement of the processes that have been implemented.


Foster creativity and innovation to develop ways of learning that help to train professionals and citizens who are able to respond to the new global challenges facing society.



Guarantee that the Quality Policy is adequately aligned with the institution's actual needs.


Ensure that this Policy is implemented in compliance with the principles of sustainable development and equal opportunity.