Internal Quality Assurance System

In 2009, the UOC approved the University's Internal Quality Assurance System Manual as part of the AUDIT programme. This programme is endorsed by the quality rating agencies to make it easier to implement and develop an internal quality assurance system for university education. This manual, certified by AQU Catalunya in 2009, allowed all the activities aimed at guaranteeing course quality, broadening stakeholder participation mechanisms and embedding the review and continuous improvement system to be compiled in one single document.

Following revision of the manual, which pointed out new requirements and challenges that needed new answers, an updated version of the manual was written and approved on 11 May 2020.

Subsequently, in the early stages of 2021, the UOC's Internal Quality Assurance System was assessed by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), resulting in a successful conclusion of the certification process. This Certification of the Internal Quality Assurance System has been effective since 15 April 2021 and is valid for six years.

According to the Royal Decree 640/2021, to obtain institutional accreditation the centres have to have certified the implementation of their IQAS and have the 50% of their bachelor's degree programmes and the 50% of their master's degree programmes accredited. On 1 March 2022, the UOC is granted Institutional Accreditation by the University Council (Consejo de Universidades), which entails the accreditation of all the official bachelor's degrees and master's degrees coordinated by the UOC for a period of six years, renewable once.

The figure below shows the structure of the current Internal Quality Assurance System:

This Internal Quality Assurance System has been designed in line with international quality standards. This means that it focuses on processes, in the broad sense, to accommodate and integrate any process that the UOC may identify and develop in the future.


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