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Message from the President to the UOC community (20 March 2020)

Foto: UOC

Foto: UOC

Dear all,

In the exceptional circumstances currently surrounding each and every one of us, I want to let you know how we are here to support you as you try to adapt to this sudden and unexpected change. I also want to thank you for your commitment and efforts.

First and foremost, I hope that you, and your close friends and families, are in good health.

The seriousness of the situation has led us to take extraordinary measures to safeguard the public service we offer and ensure our activities go on. These measures include closing the UOC's centres, offering flexibility in student assessment and strengthening the channels available online and on the Campus, which is seeing record numbers of users. We have also produced a website to keep everyone informed, and developed new content and activities for members of our Alumni programme. Our research efforts are focusing on projects linked to the pandemic and we have worked (jointly with UNED) to provide open-access online learning resources to other universities that need them.

And we have done all this together, thanks above all to your understanding, commitment, help and efforts:

  • The understanding of a body of students who, despite the adversities, are able to go on with their learning.
  • The commitment made by all our teaching staff who have provided their expertise while going the extra mile for their students.
  • The help from the members of Alumni who continue to place their trust in us and play their part in our activities.
  • And all the efforts of everyone else connected to the UOC whose great levels of professionalism have helped ensure the University can go on operating.

Our university has the led the way in higher education for the last 25 years, but this only truly comes into perspective when, at times like now, we act as a community – when our community works to overcome adversity with faith in our own strength, in our ability to work together and in our capacity to learn.

I want to thank you all sincerely for your commitment and efforts.

Warm regards,

Josep A. Planell
UOC President

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