Centre for Modern Languages: Grants, discounts and payment options.

The UOC offers a range of discounts for language courses at its Centre for Modern Languages. If you are entitled to one, select it from the drop-down menu in the Discounts section when enrolling. If you are entitled to more than one, choose the one that is most advantageous for you.


If one of these discounts is to be applied when enrolling, you must prove your eligibility by submitting the corresponding documentation within 10 calendar days.

Large families

Students whose status as a member of a large family is officially recognized by the Spanish state, or by the competent authority in other countries, are eligible for the following discounts, depending upon the specific category:

  • Large family, special category: 15%.
  • Large family, general category: 7.5%.

People with disabilities

Students who have disabilities of at least 33%, as recognized by the Spanish state, or the equivalent level recognized by any other country, are entitled to a 15% discount.

Victims of terrorism

Students (and their spouses and children) who have been recognized as victims of terrorism by the competent authority in Spain, or any other country, are entitled to a 15% discount.

Victims of gender-based violence

Students (and their dependent children) who have been certified by the competent authority in Spain, or any other country, as victims of gender-based violence are entitled to a 15% discount.

The UOC is officially recognized by the Government of Catalonia to provide courses in English, French and German as part of the PARLA3 grant programme offered by the Catalan University and Research Grant Management Agency (AGAUR) to attain the necessary level of a foreign language (B2).

For detailed information, go to the AGAUR grants for bachelor's degree students web page (available in Catalan and Spanish).

UOC community: 7% discount

You are entitled to this discount if you have studied with the UOC before, on open courses, Centre for Modern Languages courses, continuous development seminars, in-company training (UOC Corporate) or specialization courses. Likewise, you are also entitled to the UOC community discount if you are studying for but have not yet completed a bachelor's or university master's degree.

UOC Alumni: 10% discount

You are eligible for this discount if you have obtained an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification at the UOC (diplomatura, bachelor's degree, licenciatura, ingeniería or university master's degree, UOC-certified master's degree or postgraduate qualification).


Withdrawal consists of the total cancellation of enrolment with entitlement to full reimbursement, provided that this is requested within 14 calendar days of completing your enrolment.

Reimbursement of enrolment fees is dependent upon the return of learning resources with the original seals intact and definitive confirmation of payment by the student. To submit a request, write to:

Disnet – Ref. Renúncia de matrícula

Can Camps, 15

Pl. Can Roqueta 08202

Sabadell (Barcelona)


After you have exercised the right of withdrawal in the required manner and within the stipulated period, you can request re-activation of your enrolment on the UOC's Virtual Campus.

Consequences of exercising the right to withdrawal

If you exercise your right to withdraw from enrolment, the university will reimburse you within 14 calendar days from the date on which you made your application for any and all payments you have made.

It is therefore important to ensure the bank details you have provided on the Virtual Campus are up to date. You can check your bank account details in the Academic record / Bank details section of the Virtual Campus.

If you enrol on a language course at the Centre for Modern Languages that costs over €350, you can pay the enrolment fee in instalments. The first instalment of 35% must be paid via a point-of-sale terminal when completing your enrolment. The rest is broken down into up to four monthly instalments paid by direct debit.

This payment option has an administration charge of €31 and is only available for enrolments with a total cost of over €350.


The Centre for Modern Languages uses a teaching methodology based on action and interaction.


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