Ongoing projects

Development of an app to aid decision-making with regard to psychosocial interventions for autistic spectrum disorders (AUTAPP)

Area: Health Sciences

PI: Aymerich Martnez, Marta

Research group: eHealth Lab

Project status: Open

Funding institution: Institute of Health Carlos III - Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities

Dates: 2018 - 2020

Objectives: The study comprises a systematic review of available scientific evidence that will include studies on the usefulness/effectiveness of the project's interventions. These studies will be identified through a bibliographic search with protocolized criteria of data identification, selection and extraction and evaluation of the methodological quality. The data will be synthesized in evidence tables and classified according to the degree of underlying evidence. A decision algorithm will be generated based on the clinical and psychosocial characteristics of the patients included in each study and the evidence demonstrated in each intervention. A pilot test will evaluate the preliminary validity and usability of the app.