Con el propósito de llevar a cabo el plan estratégico, la composición actual del IN3 incluye los siguientes 10 grupos de investigación:

  1. Care and Preparedness in the Network Society [CareNet], group leader: Dr. Israel Rodríguez-Giralt
  2. Communication Networks & Social Change [CNSC], group leader: Dra. Rosa Borge
  3. Complex Systems @ IN3 [CoSIN3], group leader: Dr. Javier Borge
  4. Digital Commons [DIMMONS], group leader: Dra. Mayo Fuster
  5. Global Literary Studies [GlobaLS], group leader: Dra. Diana Roig Sanz
  6. K-riptography and Information Security for Open Networks [KISON], group leader: Dr. David Megías
  7. Gender and ICT [GenTIC], group leader: Dr. Milagros Sainz
  8. Systems, Software and Models [SOM RESEARCH LAB], group leader: Dr. Jordi Cabot
  9. Urban Transformation and Global Change Laboratory [TURBA Lab], group leader: Dr. Ramon Ribera
  10. Wireless Networks [WiNe], group leader: Dr. Xavier Vilajosana