Scientific production

Modeling and Predicting Outcomes of eHealth Usage by European Physicians: Multidimensional Approach from a Survey of 9196 General Practitioners


Authors: Torrent Sellens, Joan; Diaz Chao, Ángel; Soler Ramos, Ivan; Saigi Rubió, Francesc

Article in Journal of Medical Internet Research

«MOMENT: Metáforas del trastorno mental grave. Análisis del discurso de personas afectadas y profesionales de la salud mental»


Authors: Coll-Florit, Marta; Climent Roca, Salvador; Correa-Urquiza, Martín; Hernàndez Encuentra, Eulàlia; Oliver Gonzàlez, Antoni; Pie Balaguer, Asunción

Article in Procesamiento del lenguaje natural

Digital Health in the Americas: Advances and Challenges in Connected Health


Authors: Novillo Ortiz, David; Dumit, Elsy Maria; D’Agostino, Marcelo; Becerra Posada, Francisco; Kelley, Edward Talbott; Torrent Sellens, Joan; Jiménez Zarco, Ana Isabel; Saigi Rubió, Francesc

Article in BMJ Innovations

Quantitative and Qualitative Testing of DARWeb: An Online Self-Guided Intervention for Children with Functional Abdominal Pain and their Parents


Authors: Nieto Luna, Rubén; Boixadós Anglès, Mercè; Hernàndez Encuentra, Eulàlia; Beneitez de Dios, Imma; Huguet, Anna; McGrath, Patrick

Article in Health Informatics Journal

Electronic Health Use in the European Union and the Effect of Multimorbidity: Cross-Sectional Survey


Authors: Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco; Anastasiadou, Dimitra Tatiana; Codagnone, Cristiano; Nuño Solinís, Roberto; Garcia-Zapirain Soto, Maria Begoña

Article in Journal of Medical Internet Research

Dominant and Complementary Emotion Recognition from Still Images of Faces


Authors: Guo, Jianzgu; Lei, Zhen; Wan, Jun; Avots, Egils; Hajarolasvadi, Noushin; Knyazev, Boris; Kuharenko, Artem; Silveira Jacques Junior, Julio Cezar; Baró Solé, Xavier; Demirel, Hasan; Escalera, Sergio; Allik, Jüri; Anbarjafari, Gholamreza

Article in Access

Looking at People Special Issue


Authors: Escalera, Sergio; Gonzàlez, Jordi; Escalante, Hugo Jair; Baró Solé, Xavier; Guyon, Isabelle

Article in International Journal of Computer Vision

What do we know about the relationship between internet-mediated interaction and social isolation and loneliness in later life?


Authors: Beneito Montagut, Roser; Cassián Yde, Nizaiá; Begueria Muñoz, Arantzazu

Article in Quality in Ageing and Older Adults

Cost-effectiveness of the mobile application TCApp combined with face-to-face CBT treatment compared to face-to-face CBT treatment alone for patients with an eating disorder: Study protocol of a Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial


Authors: Anastasiadou, Dimitra Tatiana; Lupiáñez Villanueva, Francisco; Fauli Molas, Clara; Arcal Cunillera, Jordina; Serrano Troncoso, Eduard

Article in Psychiatry

Older people, smartphones and WhatsApp


Authors: Fernández-Ardèvol, Mireia; Rosales Climent, Andrea

Book chapter in Smartphone Cultures