People whose work leads to technological advances and developments have a moral duty to share this knowledge with society. This is part of their social responsibility towards public or private funding bodies, collaborators, academic organizations and, indeed, towards society as a whole. 

There are multiple ways of communicating the efforts and results of research work in a professional and rigorous manner:

  • Dissemination through social media. Discover the guides and resources which we offer to the UOC community.
  • Communications in the media, by means of press releases, interviews and opinion and promotional pieces.
  • Make use of the UOC's open blogs and newsletters to publish content of interest. It is also possible to set up a blog or newsletter to disseminate the research activity in a recurring way.
  • Transform your research into a dissemination activity that not only informs but also raises awareness among the general public. Learn how to partake in outreach activities.
  • Recruit volunteers that match a specific profile for a research project. We offer a series of recommendations for finding participants with the profile you're looking for.