Do you need to organize an event?

If you're hosting a seminar, conference, or activities around your projects, etc., check out these useful services:


  • Physical rooms
  • Virtual rooms and tools
  • Web platform for the event
  • Web platform for registrations
  • Templates for event and location materials (Catalan / Spanish)
  • Recording of talks
  • Photography
  • Catering

Don't forget to let people know about your event! Good publicity before, during, and after the event will help ensure its success. 

Ask your faculty administrator or the management assistant at your centre to include the details in the UOC agenda, and also tell the communications contact person for your faculty or centre.

Events organized with the UOC

Everything you need to organize an event is on the IntraUOC.

If you will be needing audiovisual coverage, complete the request form (Catalan / Spanish).

Other resources
  • ¿Going to a conference or presenting your project to an audience? Here are some document templates with the UOC logo. .
  • We also have templates for events with the UOC logo and all its sub-brand logos. This resource can be used to create the programme, posters for the talks, slides, name holders, accreditation, etc., even the reserved seat card.