The UOC has a Research and Media Comms, team, whose objective is to raise awareness of the UOC's latest activity, especially among local, national and international media. Within the office, there is a group specializing in the communication of research, innovation, entrepreneurship and transfer: R&I Comms.  

Through this group, we issue regular press releases and conduct interviews, and expand the reach of content posted on the website via social media and press contacts.

What we do
  • Publish news articles and press releases about research, innovation, events and people of interest from the University for the UOC community, the media and the general public.
  • Provide media relations services.
  • Respond to media inquiries and interview requests.
  • Coordinate 360° and multiformat communication strategies with Communications and other departments of the UOC.
  • Manage the experts guide.
  • Manage our databases of national and international media.
What we produce

UOC news and interviews, page Research section.

  • News on the UOC R&I website.
  • Weekly news reports and news analysis bulletin by media experts exclusively for journalists.
  • Weekly external newsletter [7 days], with multimedia content, news and interviews about the University's activity.
  • UOC R&I Insights internal monthly newsletter aimed at the University's research community..
  • Blog of the eLearning Innovation Center (eLinC).
  • Coordination with the news section of the eHealth Center (eHC).
Dissemination agreements

To increase the scope of the dissemination of science, the UOC has established collaboration agreements with:

The Conversation España (dissemination articles written by the UOC's teaching and research staff)

EurekaAlert (press releases of scientific results; audience: journalists, public information officers (PIOs) and interested public, mainly from the United States)

AlphaGalileo (press releases of scientific results; audience: journalists from all over the world, mainly from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States and Latin America)

Experts guide

UOC academics can form part of the UOC's Experts guide.

To be included in this guide and to be in contact with the media, please contact


If you are a woman and a scientist, you can register in this external directory:

-Spanish directory of women scientists and technologists (only in Spanish).

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