Websites, blogs and newsletters


Each research group has a page with details of its activity and a page for each one of its members on the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)'s Knowledge map

If an IP of a research group or an IP of a research project needs to have a website, they can consult the information about it in the Services for research catalogue*.

* Exclusive access for UOC research staff. You must log in with the username and password you use to access the Virtual Campus.



¿Want to create a blog? Make a request via the Help service on the Campus, selecting Technology / Administrative applications / Difusió i recerca / Blogs institucionals.

Once it is up and running, send an email to with the name of the blog, the person in charge, the URL and a brief description of the blog's subject matter.

Don't forget to take into account the guidelines given by the university in this Style guide.

If you are interested in publishing content via university blogs that are already up and running, you can see the UOC'S active blogs here. For further information, you can contact the communications officer for your faculty or centre.

Blogs that do not have a address will not receive technical support from the University.


¿Do you want to start a newsletter for your project or activity?

First of all, we recommend you consult the Guia per a la conceptualització de butlletins (usos i estils) (Guide to newsletter conceptualization (uses and styles)). If you decide to launch a newsletter, we recommend the Acumbamail or Mailjet platforms due to their data protection policy, among other reasons, but please confirm the most suitable tool with your contact person in the Technology department. Always notify Corporate Communication ( about the launch of the new newsletter and, if it is related to R&I activity, R&I Communications should also be notified (

¿What do we consider to be a newsletter?

Any regular publication that is sent from the University to the email addresses of people who belong to the main internal and external audiences.

¿Is there a UOC template for newsletters?

Ideally, newsletters should be in line with the UOC brand, regardless of whether they are about projects or any other activity. Get in touch with your Technology department contact for guidance on templates.

¿Can I send a newsletter to my contacts?

According to current Spanish legislation, we can only send information to people who have given their explicit consent and when we have a record of this consent.

¿Would you like to publish content in one of the newsletters that is already in place at the UOC?

Get in touch with the communications officer for your faculty or centre. You can consult the la list of UOC newsletters* in this IntraUOC document, for internal use only, which requires you to log in with your UOC Virtual Campus username and password.

* To review this document, you must log in with the username and password you use to access the Virtual Campus.