Knowledge transfer

The R&I activity carried out at the UOC generates knowledge that can be transferred to society. The value of R&I projects can be enhanced to bring them more in line with a potential partner's needs.

The various types of results transferred by the UOC range from tech solutions, patents and technologies to be licensed or university-corporate services to spin-offs.

The Research and Innovation department's Transfer & Entrepreneurship unit provides support and advice on the various options for transferring the UOC's R&I results to society.

As part of this transfer process, the University provides support for the definition and implementation of the relevant communication plan in order to publicize the knowledge and technologies to be transferred.

The communication and dissemination actions involved in enhancing the value of R&I results and transferring them can be carried out using the most suitable formats (videos, infographics, fact sheets, etc.) and channels (social media, newsletters, websites, etc.) in each case. These communication and dissemination actions can be aimed either at the general public or at companies and organizations wishing to achieve a specific result. This operational framework helps increase visibility and boost the impact of the University's transfer activities.

Examples of videos of transferable research results

Add a chatbot to your life with Xatkit

WILD moisture sensors

Neural machine translation

Audio watermarking


It is worth noting that, although the Research and Innovation department's Transfer & Entrepreneurship unit does not fund communication products, it can help you find funding to carry them out.