Social Media

Social media are excellent channels for sharing information about projects, research results, ongoing studies and information of interest to academia, funding organizations and the general public. Social media are good allies for building a relevant and valuable community.  

The UOC's Social media style guide [Spanish/Catalan] contains useful tips and recommendations for managing personal and research group profiles. Please note that these channels are not corporate and must be managed by the researchers or groups themselves.

If you have research projects funded by the European Union, we recommend that you consult this guide:

There are a number of academic social networks aimed at sharing research with other academics and generating a community, including the following:

Infographic: Three steps to increase the visibility of your article

The UOC's social networks

The UOC's social networks also disseminate research results and activities through the University's corporate accounts. The UOC has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Explore the UOC through its social networks: the University's social media wall.

Research can be published in the following channels:

  • the UOC's corporate accounts, mainly the English versions;
  • the accounts of the IN3, the eHealth Center, the eLearning Innovation Center and the Doctoral School;
  • the accounts of the faculties, and 
  • the accounts of the UOC's academic journals, among others.

The usual hashtag for sharing information about UOC research is #researchUOC.

Most of these channels are managed by specialist personnel linked mainly to the Communications department. If you need more information about these channels, please write to

How to open a corporate account

If you are interested in opening a corporate account on a social network, please read the following: