Practical information

Language and communication

Tools and sites offering help with Catalan (dictionaries, advice, language policy, etc) and information on the media outlets available.

Learning Catalan

There is an online tool for teaching and learning Catalan. It offers a total of 12 courses that can be studied independently or with support from a tutor. (Requires registration)


Euraxess is a European body created to coordinate university activities throughout the continent. Euraxess Catalonia forms part of the Euraxess network and is a Spanish Mobility Network service centre. It acts as a guide for researchers, offering information and support for carrying out research in Catalonia.


The UOC community is able to obtain better service and lower prices by taking advantage of bulk purchasing. To do so, La Virtual cooperative was created. It is managed by professionals and governed by its members. We would encourage you to have a look at the offers available from the website.  And if you haven’t signed up yet, do so today!