Call for applications for postdoctoral research stays at the UOC

The University is offering four three-year positions

The UOC Research and Innovation Committee has agreed to publish a call for applications for four places for three-year postdoctoral research fellowships. The positions are open to postdoctoral teaching and research staff in any of the  fields of study at the University and the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3). The deadline for applications, as indicated in the terms and conditions, is 4 March.

Researchers awarded a doctoral degree – whether at the UOC or elsewhere – before publication of this call for applications may apply. Candidates with a doctoral degree from the UOC must provide proof of having carried out a postdoctoral stay at another university or research centre for a period of at least two years.

Those benefiting from these contracts cannot have been contracted by the UOC in the two years immediately leading up to the publication of this call for applications.

The decision regarding this call will be made public on or after 2 April.

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