Non-curricular internships

Duration of the internship

The internship's maximum duration depends on the course of study that the student has chosen.

The table below gives the maximum number of internship hours that can be taken for each course type followed by the student.


Course type Maximum number of internship hours Maximum number of hours per academic year
Bachelor’s degrees with 240 credits (4 years) 3,000 750
Bachelor’s degrees with 180 credits (3 years) 2,250 750
Master’s degrees up to 90 credits 1,125 750
Master’s degrees up to 60 credits 750 -
Postgraduate courses 375 -
Specializations 187.5 -

Remember that two agreements at most can be signed at the same internship centre. The maximum duration of each agreement per academic year is 750 hours (provided that your course's maximum internship duration allows this).

If a second agreement is signed, there must be a one-month gap between the two agreements. The second agreement's formative project must include tasks that are different from those included in the first agreement.

Internship option

Profession-focused internships are internships associated with an external internship centre. These internships may be:

  • · "on-site", that is, they require the student's physical presence at the centre during the entire internship
  • · "virtual", being performed remotely in a teleworking format
  • · blended, which is a combination of the previous options.

Either way, students are placed in a "real-life" learning context, dealing with the reality of their professional field.

Requirements for performing non-curricular internships
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