Non-curricular internships

These are activities that can be performed voluntarily, preferably during the period of study.






Students may ask to perform non-curricular internships provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled on a:
    • bachelor's degree or first-cycle qualification (official diplomatura degree, official llicenciatura degree or official enginyeria tècnica degree)
    • a master's degree
    • a postgraduate course
    • or a specialization course
      This internship is not open to students enrolled on refresher courses or courses taken at the University @thenaeum, Summer University or Centre for Modern Languages.
  • The internship must be related with the programme of studies being followed.
  • In the case of students studying for a first-cycle qualification or bachelor's degree, they must have passed 50% of the degree's credits (this requirement is not necessary for students enrolled for second-cycle qualifications, master's degrees and postgraduate courses).

The internship can only be started once the student has effectively enrolled for the semester in which it is performed.
Any agreement is cancelled automatically as soon as the student ceases to be enrolled.

The working hours must be compatible with the e-learning course's academic activity, with a maximum duration of 8 hours a day (the University recommends that it not exceed 6 hours a day).

It has a maximum duration of 750 hours per academic year, except for the internships related with specialization courses, which have a maximum duration of 375 hours.

A maximum of two agreements can be carried out in the same company or institution, with a maximum duration of 750 hours each.