University social responsibility awards

Throughout its history, the UOC has received awards and accolades in recognition of its achievements and quality, its innovation and the excellence of its e-learning model.

Transform Awards
2018 - Transform Awards Europe

The UOC won four awards at the Transform Awards Europe: Gold for the Best Internal Communication, Silver for the Best Use of Audio Branding, Bronze for the Best Brand Architecture, and Highly Commended for the Best Visual Identity in the Education Sector. These awards recognize excellence and innovation in the creation and renewal of brands across Europe.

2017 - ILUNION Diploma for commitment to accessibility

ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad, which belongs to the ONCE Foundation and the ONCE group of companies, gave the UOC this award in recognition of its initiatives and projects to improve universal accessibility and support people with disabilities. 

2016 - Award for the Inclusion of People with Rare Diseases

The Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases (FEDER) presented the UOC the Award for the Inclusion of People with Rare Diseases. FEDER highlights the UOC’s commitment to the social inclusion of people with disabilities and, specifically, the Disability Action Plan that it runs.

Spanish Red Cross Gold Medal
2015 - Spanish Red Cross Gold Medal

The Spanish Red Cross awarded the UOC a Gold Medal, its highest distinction, in recognition of the work carried out in educating people in the values of integration, tolerance, peace and coexistence. In the fifteen years of collaboration between this humanitarian organization and the University, more than 9,000 students have studied on one of the 300 online training courses they have run jointly.

Fem.talent award
2015 - Fem.talent award

The UOC received a fem.talent - Promoció de la igualtat award for promoting equal opportunities for both men and women. The UOC received an honourable mention as an “Organization sharing fem.talent’s values”. The awards’ organizers highlighted four characteristics at the UOC: valuing and promoting female talent in high-ranking positions; developing a working organization that fosters initiatives to achieve objectives; increasing efficiency through work–life balance programmes and flexibility for training, cultural activities and personal responsibilities, and incorporating ICTs into the development of organizational systems.

PRME accreditation
2014 - PRME accreditation

The Faculty of Economics and Business have received PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) accreditation as a higher education institution and participant in the creation and development of guidelines in the framework of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. 

Barcelona City Council Logo
2013 - Ignasi Fina Occupational Health Award

The UOC received the Ignasi Fina Occupational Health Award from Barcelona City Council. This award is for companies and institutions introducing new systems, actions or measures to minimize risk at work. The jury highlighted the improvements involved in teleworking with respect to the UOC's staff's health and safety, and the fact that its labour model could be introduced at other companies and institutions.

Barcelona City Council Logo
2013 - Barcelona Prizes for Businesses Offering Innovative Measures for Balancing Time, Work and Family Life

The UOC received a special mention from Barcelona City Council at the first Barcelona Prizes for Businesses Offering Innovative Measures for Balancing Time, Work and Family Life for the way it organizes work and uses teleworking. The prizes are designed to celebrate those companies making efforts to improve their staff's work-life balance.

Logo Telefónica Ability Awards
2012 - Telefónica Ability Awards

The UOC was one of fifty organizations shortlisted for an award in the Customer Orientation category and thus named an Ability Company and Organization. The Telefónica Ability Awards thus recognized the UOC as a stand-out organization for its development of products and services for people with disabilities and its achieving the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty among the disabled. Thanks to this nomination, the UOC now forms part of Club Ability.

Catalan Guild of Journalists Logo
2009 - Office of Communications Award

The UOC's communications plan was awarded the "Best Internal Communications Strategy" Award by the Catalan Guild of Journalists. These awards are to recognize and promote the work of offices of communication and the people who work in them, as well as the efforts in the public and private sector to provide access to useful and truthful information. The award highlighted the communications plan's wide scope.