City and Science Biennial. Harmonic series. A series of dialogues on art and science

Barcelona is one of the most active cities in Europe with regard to collaborations between art, science and technology. “Harmonic Series” is a series of dialogues between artists, scientists, technologists and thinkers in the city aimed at presenting these creators and their artistic ideas, reflecting collectively on the major issues of the day, in short, about our place in the world.

In the first session, Joana Moll and Marina Garcés, and Mónica Riki? and Júlia Borràs will converse about some of the challenges currently facing us as individuals and as a society: the pollution of the planet, climate change, civil vigilance on Internet and the policy of algorisms or the challenges of robotics and artificial intelligence. Challenges that become clues as to how we will have to relate with each other and with our surroundings.


Centre Cívic Vil·la Urània
Carrer Saragossa, 29
08006 Barcelona


11/02/2019 18.30h

Organized by

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona/ Ajuntament de Barcelona


Marina Garcés
Joana Moll
Mónica Rikić
Júlia Borràs

Pastora Martínez Samper

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