DDDC Sprint: DDDC Manifesto co-writing meeting

Digital Democracy and Data Commons is a pilot participatory process oriented to test a new technology to improve the digital democracy platform Decidim and to collectively imagine the data politics of the future. This pilot takes place in the context of the European project DECODE (Decentralized Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem) that aims to construct legal, technological, and socioeconomic tools that allow citizens to take back control over their data and generate more common benefits out of them. The pilot is led by the Barcelona Digital City (Barcelona City Council) and the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (CN&SC - Tecnopolitica and Dimmons research groups of the IN3), in collaboration with the Nexa Center of Internet & Society, Eurecat, CNRS, Dribia, aLabs, Thoughtworks and DYNE.


Fabra i Coats
Carrer de Sant Adri, 20
08030 Barcelona


18/03/2019 - 19/03/2019 10.00h

Organized by

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Action coordinated by CN&SC - Tecnopoltica and Dimmons research groups of the IN3 with the collaboration of the Nexa Center of Internet & Society and CNRS.


After months of work, at DDDC Sprint we will meet to close the elaboration of a Manifesto for sovereignty and data commons. This meeting will have the format of an intensive collaborative writing workshop, will start from the materials collected in the previous stages of the DDDC pilot and will be oriented to generate a programmatic text.
This participatory Manifesto will establish the resulting vision of the DDDC pilot. After its presentation at the DDDC Finale meeting, the document will be opened for collection of supporting signatures in the following weeks. Likewise, the Manifesto will be complemented with a document of implementation guidelines, which will be elaborated after the end of the DDDC pilot.
This action, coordinated by CN&SC - Tecnopoltica and Dimmons research groups of the IN3 and with the collaboration of the Nexa Center of Internet & Society and CNRS, is part of the DDDC (Digital Democracy and Data Commons) pilot of the European project DECODE.

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