Workshop Series (CNSC and RMIT Europe): "Aging in and through data"

IN3’s Communication Networks & Social Change (CNSC) research group —in collaboration with Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth and RMIT Europe—  is pleased to invite you to the Workshop Series «Ageing in and through data: Datafication, aging, creative-social methods and speculative futures» to be held in person, on May 29, 30 and 31 at Can Jaumandreu (Building U) and the Interdisciplinary R&I Hub building (Building C).




29/05/2024 - 31/05/2024

Organized by

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, IN3's Communication Networks & Social Change (CNSC) research group in collaboration with Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth and RMIT Europe


Day 1. Wednesday, May 29: Workshop: «Aging in Data: Creative, co-design and innovative research methods»

When: 09:00 - 17:00 h (CET)
Where: Can Jaumandreu (Building U - Floor 1, Room U1.15)
Registration at:

This an invite-only full day of presentations and participatory workshops that will explore how we can use creative, co-design and innovative research methods to explore aging with and through data. Key scholars working in the space of older adults and datafication will be invited to think creatively about past, present, and future social practices and imaginaries.

Day 2. Thursday, May 30: Masterclass: «Methods masterclass for postgraduate students and early career researchers»

When: 09:00 - 17:00 h (CET)
Where: Can Jaumandreu (Building U - Floor 1, Room U1.6)
Registration at:

This workshop, address to PhD, graduate students and early-career researchers, will explore different approaches to creative research methods and practices (such as ethnography, creative practice research and research creation).

*The workshop will be conducted by Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia), Professor Kim Sawchuk (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada) and Professor Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - CNSC, Barcelona).

Day 3. Friday, May 31: Participatory Workshop: «Aging in Data: Public workshop»

When: 09:30 - 12:30 h (CET)
Where: Interdisciplinary R&I Hub building (Building C - Floor 0, Room C0.6)
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In this participatory workshop, participants will explore social practices and imaginaries with data, particularly in the context of aging. Participants will work with aging researchers and experts to discuss aging in relation to different topics (such as media, games, data harms and justice, care and health).


This event is co-hosted by RMIT Europe and the Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona as part of the AiD (SSHRC Aging in Data) project and the Ageing in and through Data Discovery project (Australian Research Council, DP230103075).