Quick guide for maximizing the impact of R&I projects

Phase 1: Conceptualization and development of the proposal

¿Are you drawing up a proposal for a research project?

Make sure you include a communication strategy in the budget so you can carry out the actions you are planning.

Phase 2: Award and start

Draw up the communication plan envisaged in the project in order to ensure there is effective dialogue with all stakeholders.

Find more information if you need to design the corporate visual identity of your project.

The Research and Innovation department's R&I Funding Unit informs the Communications department's R&I Comms team when projects are awarded, and this team considers any possible communication actions to be taken in the media to publicize the project and the results that may arise from it.  

Phase 3: Performance

Set the channels that will be used in the project to communicate with the various audiences (these will have been defined in the communication plan):

Put the roadmap of actions specified in the communication plan into practice. These can be of different types:

Phase 4: Justification

Remember to send all the communication actions you have carried out that may help support the dissemination and communication part of your project to your contact in the research project administrative staff at the UOC's Research and Innovation department..