Educational model

Counsellor action plan

The UOC’s educational model focuses on the student and their learning process. One of the fundamental aspects is the design of the activities that students have to carry out throughout this process. Three essential elements need to be highlighted in these activities: the learning resources, collaboration and accompaniment.

Key aspects to students’ time at the UOC are the personalisation, constant accompaniment, and advice given throughout their studies, asynchronously and virtually. Thus, the figure of the counsellor becomes a vital element in the University’s teaching model.

In the university context of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the UOC looks to adapt the counselling to a new, open and flexible teaching space, focusing on students’ needs and expectations, in order to improve the advice and guidance they receive.

In general terms, it is the counsellor who personally welcomes, accompanies and guides students during their studies. The counsellor becomes the student’s point of reference for planning their studies, designing their curricular pathway and adjusting the rhythm of study to their real possibilities. The counsellor also helps students adapt to the University, creating a community, and promoting and making the most of the UOC’s resources. In the final semesters of their studies, the counsellor’s activities focus on giving advice on careers and continuing education.

The action plan is the tool that allows counsellors to plan and develop their actions at the UOC. This plan, which has been adapted to each of the departments to meet the student profile, and undergoes constant revision and improvement by faculty.

This area is designed to let students compare and contrast their impressions and express their concerns, doubts and needs with their classmates. The classroom is used by the counsellor to provide all that information that might be of use during the semester: syllabus, subjects, academic calendar, academic procedures, exams, results, etc.

This area also provides counsellors with the tools needed to carry out the action plan:

  • resources for learning at the UOC
  • communication tools
  • tools to monitor students’ academic progress