Staff for training

In the scope of the Erasmus+ mobility programme for higher education, the UOC offers mobility grants for staff to allow training at foreign institutions.

The terms and conditions for receiving the grant are as follows:

  • The individual making the application must be a permanent member of staff at the UOC.
  • The applicant must be a national of one of the countries participating in the programme or must be recognised in their country of residence.
  • The length of the placement is at least 2 days.
  • The grants available from European Union and UOC funds are for up to a maximum of 5 days.

Each candidate must be approved by the person responsible and must provide the mobility agreement from their destination university.

The following are taken into account for the assessment and prioritising of applications:

  • Language fluency with regard to the destination.
  • The reason for conducting the stay should be based on improving the workplace and team.
  • A comprehensive description and coherence in the objectives and work plan proposed in the application.
  • The added value the placement will provide in the workplace and team.
  • The placement will have a positive impact on improving or developing any of the actions listed in the Strategic Plan of the UOC.

Regional and national grant programmes are compatible.

The placement counts with the Erasmus grant and the financing of UOC.

A call is made during the year, which is published on the home page of the Virtual Campus. The awards made under the call for applications are also published in this environment.

These mobility actions must be carried out before 30 September of the current academic year.

Erasmus+ programme training and teaching 2014-2015