Volunteering with social organizations and the voluntary sector

  • In keeping with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UOC backs a number of volunteering projects.
  • We strive to enhance students' social skills and instil the values of cooperation and social justice.
  • By transferring the knowledge of our university community to society, we play a part in shedding light on social inequalities and bringing real change to our surroundings.
  • We recognize the volunteer work that our students undertake in the organizations we share institutional ties with as RECAAU credits (RECAAU standing for the recognition of university activity as academic credits in Catalan).
  • We offer social organizations and the voluntary sector the chance to leverage the help of our highly trained, recognized UOC volunteers.

  1. Projects aimed at stomping out the digital divide and bridging the gender gap. These projects focus on vulnerable and at-risk groups in order to bolster their social inclusion and help their entry into the world of work.
  2. Inclusive mentoring projects for at-risk children and adolescents. These projects provide after-school help to young people and promote their sociocultural inclusion, making a special effort to empower pre-university youths.
  3. Women empowerment projects.
  4. Psychological, emotional and legal support projects aimed at people suffering from illnesses and their families.
  5. Projects that are working to build a social and charitable economy in order to boost young people's and vulnerable group's employment opportunities.
  6. Awareness-raising projects focused on global inequalities.

Are you volunteering with any of our collaborating entities? Do you want to share your experience? Get in touch by email at socialglobal@uoc.edu.

Our current collaborators are:




AFA Puerto – Asociación de familiares de enfermos de Alzheimer y otras  demencias AFEV

Asociación Cultural La Kalle

Asociación Azahara
Blanquerna Càritas de Barcelona Colectic Cruz Roja
Farmamundi Ecca


Fundació Enllaç

Fundación esplai ciudadanía comprometida
Quilòmetre Zero Oncolliga