We get involved in our students' regions, collaborating with their governments and the social organizations based there to strengthen social volunteering initiatives.

Our social volunteering programme brings the University closer to the voluntary sector and strengthens longer-lasting, more strategically integrated and more socially impactful institutional ties. Meanwhile, thanks to the life experience it offers, UOC students feel empowered to fulfil their role as global citizens.

The UOC offers two options to become a university volunteer:

Reconeixement del voluntariat

The work that our community of students undertakes in social organizations has been recognized on several occasions. Our students have also been invited to share their experiences at conferences and other events, which helps to shine a positive light on what it means to be a UOC volunteer.

  • RefugeESuoc won the RetinES award in 2017.
  • The RefugeESuoc programme also received a cooperation grant from the Catalan Association of Social Educators (CEESC) in 2016.
  • The UOC social volunteering programme takes part every year in drafting the Telefónica Foundation report on university volunteering.
  • The same UOC programme also participated in the Erasmus+ STEP study on volunteering skills.
  • The Refugee Welcome Programme made a presentation at the first and second Crue Universidades Españolas conferences on Spanish universities as places of refuge.
  • The UOC shared its data from the Refugee Welcome Programme at the EADTU Conference in 2017.