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In accordance with Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and e-commerce, and other supplementary legislation, you are informed that this website is owned by the Fundació Jesuïtes Educació, referred to hereinafter as the FJE, whose registered address is Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 13, 08010, Barcelona, Spain, and whose tax identification number is G6-62411624.


User access to our website is free of charge, though subject to having read these general terms of use in full, in the version in force at the time of access, and accepting them in their entirety, expressly and without reservation before using the site, hence the need to read them carefully. Users not consenting to these terms of use must refrain from using this portal.

The FJE, as part of its activities, makes content available to users so that they may use them rationally and in the interests of their information needs for teaching, academic, scientific or other such purposes. Users are not, however, entitled to use said content for commercial purposes. Furthermore, usage does not imply any relations of a professional, mercantile or employment nature between the users and the FJE, except where specifically provided for.

Access to our website is free of charge and no prior subscription or registration is required. However, for certain services – particularly to enrol on our courses and gain restricted access to the Virtual Campus – users may be required to subscribe and fill in the relevant forms. All such cases will be duly signalled as such, users being informed case by case of the procedure to follow for arranging the relevant registration. All matters pertaining to those special services and restricted access are subject to the internal regulations of the FJE, which must be complied with by all users.

Users are to access our website in good faith, and in accordance with public-order provisions, with these general terms of use and, where applicable, with any specific terms of use stated. Users access our website under their own sole liability, and they shall be accountable in all cases for any loss or damage their usage may entail for third parties or for ourselves.

Users are expressly forbidden from using and obtaining the services and contents provided on this website through procedures other than those stipulated in these terms of use and, where applicable, the procedures set down in the special terms applying to the acquisition of certain services.

This website contains links and hyperlinks leading to other websites run by third parties not associated with our organization. Accordingly, the FJE cannot provide any guarantees regarding the contents or information provided in those websites, or as regards their being truthful and up-to-date, and the FJE shall thus not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that may arise from the use of other websites not associated with our own.

We reserve the right to change the layout and settings of our website and the services and contents provided, unilaterally and without advance notice, at any time.


Aquesta pàgina web conté enllaços o hiperenllaços que condueixen a altres pàgines web gestionades per tercers aliens a la nostra organització. Així, doncs, l'FJE no pot garantir el contingut o les informacions que es recullin en les pàgines web esmentades ni la seva veracitat o actualització i, en conseqüència, l'FJE queda eximida de qualsevol responsabilitat per danys i perjudicis de tota mena que es puguin derivar de la utilització de pàgines web alienes a la nostra pàgina web.

En qualsevol moment podem modificar la presentació i la configuració de la nostra pàgina web i els continguts i serveis prestats, tot això unilateralment i sense avís previ.

The FJE and the FUOC are either the holder or the licensee of the intellectual or industrial property rights to all the contents of this website (including, but not limited to, all the components making up the visual presentation, graphic image and other sensory stimuli in the pages that make up the website, i.e., the look and feel, as well as all brands, logos, trade names, texts, reviews and commentaries, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, programs, flow charts, and the presentation, the navigation architecture and the source code for the pages). In all cases, the FJE and the FUOC hold the pertinent consent for using the various items of content that make up this website.

The FJE expressly authorizes reproduction of the contents of this website for private use. The FJE adds, however, that since the website draws on many unpaid contributions, this authorization does not include reproducing, transforming or making use in general of the contents of this website in any other way, by whatever procedure, for commercial ends or for gain.

Apart from the authorization for private use mentioned in the previous paragraph, or unless otherwise explicitly authorized, accessing the website does not imply that any other permission regarding its contents is granted, or the granting of any rights for transferring, licensing or assigning those contents, whether in full or in part.

The FJE shall not be held responsible for this website being tampered with or manipulated by third parties.

Lastly, in the interest of disseminating the contents offered on the FJE's website, third parties are expressly authorized to add links to it, provided that this is not done for commercial ends or for gain. Such links must in all cases warn users that they are accessing the FJE's website, and the relevant URL for this website must be visible in the users' browser.

The addition of such links by third parties does not imply the existence of any association between the FJE and the owners of these sites.


In providing users with access to this website, our aim is to offer a range of services and content of high quality, applying the maximum diligence in providing these services and content and in the technological means used. Nevertheless, even though the FJE has adopted the security measures made possible by currently available technology, it cannot guarantee that the website is completely free of viruses or malware and is therefore released from any liability in this respect.

The FJE declines all liability stemming from or potentially stemming from the use made by users of the information and other contents of this website.

Even though every necessary precaution has been taken to provide accurate, up-to-date information on this website, the FJE cannot guarantee that all the information is fully up-to-date and free of errors or omissions.

The opinions appearing in the publications, journals and articles that can be accessed via the website belong to their respective authors. Likewise, the FJE declines all liability for information and content of any kind accessible through this website but provided by third parties, particularly liability for loss or damage of any kind as stated above, and any loss or damage that may arise on account of (i) the absence of or deficiency in the information provided for users, or its truthfulness, accuracy and sufficiency; (ii) infringements of the rights of consumers and users; (iii) infringements of intellectual or industrial property rights, or the perpetration of acts of unfair competition or illicit advertising; (iv) the infringement of data protection rights, professional secrecy and the rights to honour, to personal and family privacy, and to personal image; and (v) any breach in general of any applicable law, custom or code of conduct.

Users accept full liability for their use of our website, and they are solely responsible for any direct or indirect effect that may arise with respect to the website, including, but not limited to, any adverse financial, technical or legal repercussions, and also any disappointment of the expectations entertained with regard to our portal, the users undertaking not to hold the FJE liable for any claims stemming directly or indirectly from such events, without detriment to the parties' contractual rights stemming from enrolment in any of our courses of study. 

The FUOC provides all members of the Virtual Campus community with an email account and provides the technological and hosting resources needed to administer it. Its use is restricted solely to the educational field and to communication between Campus users; hence using it for professional and commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

Users accept full responsibility for their use of the email service, and they alone are liable for any direct or indirect consequences stemming from it; accordingly, users undertake to not hold the FJE or the FUOC liable for any claims stemming directly or indirectly form their use of that service and from the content concerned. By way of example, but not limited thereto, it is expressly forbidden to use email accounts with the domain for sending mass emails, continuing message chains, sending messages in which the sender is not fully identified or is confusingly identified, and making malicious changes to the contents of messages and sending them.

The FJE assures compliance with its duties under Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and e-commerce, as a service provider in that society.

All matters pertaining to our website are governed solely by the laws of Spain. In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising between the parties over the interpretation or content of this website, all parties shall accept the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Barcelona, expressly waiving any jurisdiction of their own.

The FJE reserves the right to suspend access to its website temporarily for reasons connected with improving, servicing or revising its content or programming, or any other reason.

PLEASE NOTE: these general terms of use were established on 5 June 2007. We may change them at any time, and thus users should check the issue date every time they visit our website, so as to be sure that no change affecting them has come about.