Strategic Plan


New challenges, new strategy

Area 1

Promotion of transversality and flexibility

Area 2

Collaborative governance with common goals

Area 3

Strong commitment to globalization

Area 4

Focus on skills and employability

Area 5

Fostering research excellence


Priority 1

Foster talent

Priority 2

Be leaders

Priority 3

Generate social impact


The UOC develops its strategy through 4 plans, 19 sub-plans and 78 actions:


Priority 1

Position ourselves in knowledge on online education

Priority 2

Enhance knowledge generation and exchange

Priority 3

Develop feasibility scenarios in a fluid present

Priority 4

Become a digital organization in a new global age


The UOC develops its strategy through 4 plans, 19 sub-plans and 83 actions. Of the actions from the second phase, 56 have been extended until the end of 2021 with amended scopes, 10 will conclude in 2020, and 12 have been discontinued. There are 17 new actions.