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Location based systems (indoor and outdoor) and context aware recommender systems

Almost any action occurs in a place and in a moment in time. And this fact has taken on the utmost importance in recent years with the spread of mobile devices capable of providing GPS location and associated services to the point where we are. However, what new applications can these systems provide? What are the new possibilities that Galileo will open up? What role will the user play within these location-based applications? What happens in indoor environments? In this area of research we seek answers to these questions.

The area is focused on the advancement of location-based systems (LBS) and context aware recommender systems (CARS) in outdoor and indoor environments, working on mobile devices. Basically its goals are:

a) To increase the functionalities of LBS and CARS to make them work in indoor environments; and to focus them on specific sectors like health.

b) To include personalization in the LBS, in addition to time and position, in order to improve and optimize users’ experiences. In this approach, semantic web technologies are currently used.

Dr. Jordi Conesa

Dr. Antoni Pérez




ICSO Research Group