Societat de la Informaci i el Coneixement

Ensounded bodies: making place in London's East End.

Doctorat de Societat de la Informaci i el Coneixement

Autor: Karla Berrens 
Programa: Doctorat de Societat de la Informaci i el Coneixement
Idioma: angls
Director: Dr. Ramon Ribera Fumaz 
Departament / Institut: Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)

Paraules clau: soundscape, place, London's East End, ensounded, body 

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In this research, I investigate the relationship between the urban soundscape and the making of place in London's East End. I explore the ways in which ensounding our bodies (Ingold 2007) and listening participatively to the soundscape can bring our sensuous and emotional bodies back to the forefront of our urban experience. In doing so, I examine the junction between the discussion around place, emotion and the soundscape, placing the sensuous body at its centre as its articulating pivot. The senses are an important way of gathering information, of deciphering the meanings that unfold around us through a myriad of different manifestations. Therefore, I am arguing for a sensuous methodology for the making of a cartography of the city, growing from the bodies outwards and for this methodology to be as fluid as sound can be. An inclusive methodology that, in turn, will enhance the permeability of the membranes around Urban Studies and invite the senses into what is considered a scholar way of researching.